Friday, July 26, 2013

Positronic interpretations

"Without you I would die" - we heard the pop-star sing with utmost grief, from speakers deliberately set up all over the building, an effort of the builders so that you won't miss a note or even a word, should you even get lost in the maze. It's one thing to hear these ultimate masterpieces of the worst crap of the world and most senseless examples of stupidity while you spend your otherwise much more usefully spendable time with shopping - a necessary but unavoidable act of everyday life, - and another thing to have a robot with you, equipped with a brain made of positronic pathways, that act electronically like a complex set of switches wired together, to make the "positively charged electrons" flow this way or that - depending on the switches saying ON or OFF. My "friend" didn't in the least appear to be embarrassed in his shiny metallic countenance, however his words held a trace of confusion as he posed me the question. 
"Master, is it really the females of your race who keep the life functions active in the males or is this specimen stating something that cannot be classified as 'true'?"